The Taste of Asia

Indian Cuisine reflects a 8000 year history of various cultures interacting with rest of the sub-continent including Sri Lanka its close neighbour, heavily influenced by religion and traditions. Indian food is heavily influenced by its diversity in soil, climate, culture and ethnic groups which together producing a fine variety of choices with indigenous spices, herbs, vegetables, grain and fruits.

Sri Lankan cuisine today is a mix of the Indian subcontinent and oriental food very popular among both locals as well as tourists. It is distinctively different to the neighbouring Indian cuisine but has been influenced by south Indian, Indonesian and Dutch cuisines. It is also known for its particular combinations of herbs, spices, fish, vegetables, rices, fruits and coconut and its world famous cinnamon. Use of Maldive fish, Goraka(garcinia cambogias),. Pandan leaf, lemongrass and jaggery in its cuisine is very unique. Ceylon Tea is also an important beverage throughout the country and Sri Lankanka is known for producing some of the world’s finest tea which you could enjoy at “URY” when dining.

At “URY” we strive to recreate this traditional cuisines from their respective culinary history to offer our customers an authentic taste of South Asia.